Fast and efficient interventions

Our team is composed of qualified people with a lot of experience in this field. They have received a very specific training to fullfil all needs and circumstances. Their motto: speed, accuracy, and durability of the treatments. ECOSERV can free you of pest in 3 phases :

  • 1Evaluation of the problem
  • 2Extermination of present pest
  • 3Preventive treatments against new infestations

We use efficient products with low toxicity, carefully chosen for their efficiency and all in full compliance with environmental regulations.



Ecoserv insist on the key role of pest control in human wellbeing.

Pest control has an indispensable function in following domains : food security, distribution, energy, data centers, chemicals,

schools, ministries, sports centers, police, car fleet, firefighters…

We disinfect your site by nebulization of a very effective active substance for extermination of bacteria, traces, mycoses

and viruses like the CORONA VIRUS.


Any pest, for example rodents, are carrier of contagious diseases. They can damage your image, leading to negative financial consequences.

Before starting a treatment procedure it is indispensable to make a thorough inspection. During this preliminary inspection we look for traces and damage caused by rodents and we also search for their ways of entrance.

Depending on the environmental circumstances, we place bait stations in strategic places. ECOSERV can free you of a rodent problem in 3 stages :

- Evaluation of the problem

- Extermination of present rodents

- Preventive treatments to avoid new infestations.

For the sake of both security and hygiene, our bait stations are of solid materials and can only be opened or closed with a key.


ECOSERV follows an ecological approach, based on minimal use or even without use of chemical biocides. Indeed, this way of operating is forward-looking, we use a maximum of preventive measures. Everyone hopes, as do we in our own way, to prevent pollution and increase respect for the environment.

After you contact us, our technical team will inspect the premise and propose a measure-made solution. During this preliminary inspection we look for traces of crawling insects (excrements, nests, skin throws, larva, dead or living specimen). ECOSERV uses insecticides in the form of gels (with limited dosages +/-0,1g/m²). The product is applied in cracks and crevices. It is colourless and odourless and thus in no way an inconvenient for the client.

Another way of eliminating these insects is to apply an insecticide directly into the nest (by means of a special header) so that the whole nest is destroyed. The insecticide is principally applied in cracks and crevices, but the product can also be sprayed, as in a surface treatment, for example in the extermination of other insects.


Flies (house-fly, little house-fly, stable-fly, autumn-fly, grass-fly, horse-fly, flesh-fly, cluster-fly, fruit-fly, moth-fly), mosquitoes, wasps, moths (clothes-moth, fur-moth, date-moth, cacao-moth, flower-moth, Indian flower-mot, seeds-moth) and flying store insects. Flying insects are not only unpleasant company, some can be carriers of contagious diseases. Depending the diagnosed issue, ECOSERV combines 3 procedures :

  • 1. Use of electric flykillers
    In order to free your rooms of flying insects, we often propose to place electric fly-killers. ECOSERV has a large range of electric fly-killers of excellent quality at your disposal.

  • 2. Spraying of an insecticide
    It is sometimes recommended to combine the use of electric fly-killers with a second procedure: spraying of an insecticide. Indeed, flies lay their eggs in humid and warm places, where we can suspect the existence of an adapted biotope (e.g. under refrigerators, in and around waste-containers), in these places we spray an insecticide.

  • 3. Use of a programmable atomiser